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We, Royson International pride ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Sports Fishing Tackle & Accessories from Calcutta-India since 1995 with sole supplying of quality products of Carp / Coarse Fishing Tackle Accessories, Fly Tying Tools & Materials manufactured under strict supervision of skilled personnel to satisfied customers worldwide. Our Product range includes the followings:

Carp Fishing Tackle:

Baiting Hook / needle, Disgorgers, Rig Accessories, Floats, Beads, Swim feeders, Cage feeders, Mackerel, Paternoster, Stoppers, Sinkers, Swingers, Swivel Accessories, Pole Rests, Pole Rollers, Catapults, Bait Throwing Sticks, Brass Priest / Hammers, Pike Gags, Rod Holders, Rod Rests, Bank Sticks, Buzzbars, Tripods, Rod pods, Tackle Bags, Landing Nets and other essential tackles. 

Fly Tying Tools & Materials:

Fly Tying Vises, Scissors, Pliers, Forceps, Hackle Pliers, Bobbins, Whip Finishers, Hair Stackers, Tweezers, Tying Tools Kits, Brass Beads, Brass Eyes, Brass Cones, other tying tools, Fly Tying Floss, Thread, Tinsels, Indian Domestic Cock Neck / Cape, Cock Neck Hackle, Hen Neck, Cock Saddle Strung, CDC, Guinea fowl feather.

With extensive R&D, supported by feedback from our customers and anglers.We have produced wide range of quality fishing products ensuring our wholesalers  /  importers to get  "Quality Product at Right Price".

We proudly present this Online Catalog featuring an extensive selection of our Sports Fishing Tackle and Accessories from our wide range of product.